On the Subject of Übermodule

Oh no, not another one!

The Übermodule starts with a white background, with a black number in the center. This number will increase every time a module† is solved. When all non-ignored modules are solved, the background will turn black, indicating that Übermodule is ready for input. There will be 3 to 5 stages**. Complete all stages to solve the module.

If multiple modules are solved within the exact same instant, sort the recently solved modules in alphabetical order, spaces included in the name. The order for sorting the module names is 0-9 then A-Z. A warning sound will also play to indicate that multiple modules have been solved within the exact same instant.

When Übermodule is ready for input, it will show a number colored either red or blue. The number represents which module you must use for input, where 1 being 1st module solved, 2 being 2nd module solved, etc. In other words, use the name of the module for the number displayed after you solved that module. The color represents how you input, red being Morse Code and blue being Tap Code. Each stage shows a different number with a color which may be different. Input the 1st English character* in that module’s name using that input method to pass the stage, ignoring the word ‘The’. If there are no valid characters in the module's name, any valid or invalid character will be considered as the correct letter. Otherwise, upon inputting the incorrect or invalid letter, the module will strike and the module name will be shown.

Default Ignored Modules: (This may be altered.)

  1. Bamboozling Time Keeper
  2. Forget Enigma
  3. Forget Everything
  4. Forget Me Later
  5. Forget Me Not
  6. Forget Perspective
  7. Forget This
  8. Forget Them All
  9. Forget Us Not
  10. Organization
  11. Purgatory
  12. Cruel Purgatory
  13. Simon's Stages
  14. Souvenir
  15. Tallordered Keys
  16. The Time Keeper
  17. Timing is Everything
  18. The Troll
  19. Turn The Key
  20. The Very Annoying Button
  21. Übermodule

English Characters are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, all lower case counterparts and all numerical digits.

Input Methods:

Morse Code

While holding the module, the number will change to a dot, if you hold for longer, the dot will change to a dash. Release when the correct Morse character is shown to input the dot or dash, continue until you’re finished with that character.

Tap Code

Each letter is represented by its row’s number of taps, then a pause, then its column’s number of taps. A sound will play to indicate the module is ready for the second letter.

1 2 3 4 5 6
1 A B C D E 1
2 F G H I J 2
3 L M N O P 3
4 Q R S T U 4
5 V W X Y Z 5
6 6 7 8 9 0 K

**If the module displays a question mark because it ran out of numbers to use, repeatedly tap the module to solve the module instead. If the defuser attempts to tap the module too many times while the module is not showing a question mark, the module will strike and the input will be fully cleared. This will not reveal the module that was solved.

†There is an option for the defuser to have ignored modules be counted as potential stages for Übermodule. By default the option "countIgnoredModules" is set to true. If set to false, Übermodule will only count non-ignored solved modules.