On the Subject of Non-nonverbal Simon

  • One or more colors will flash per stage. Each stage will also show the colors of the previous stage.
  • There will be 3 stages.
  • The sequence will repeat after a short delay.
  • Like other Simon modules, your input is not reset when the sequence repeats, and your input would be reset if you press an incorrect button.
  • Use the table below to determine which button to press.
  • Color flashedConditionColor to press
    Orange0-1 BatteriesYellow
    2-3 BatteriesGreen
    4-5 BatteriesOrange
    6+ BatteriesRed
    RedThe serial number starts with 2 numbers.Green
    The serial number starts with a number followed by a letter.Red
    The serial number starts with two letters.Orange
    The serial number starts with a letter followed by a number.Yellow
    YellowMore unlit indicators than lit indicators.Red
    More lit indicators than unlit indicators.Green
    Same number of lit and unlit indicators.Orange
    GreenSerial port is present.Orange
    PS/2 port is present but Serial port isn't present.Red
    RJ-45 port is present but Serial port and RJ-45 port isn't present.Green
    Otherwise... (No Serial, PS/2 or RJ-45 ports present on the bomb.)Yellow