On the Subject of 0

514269466, 80839, 72755, 36377, 10913, 5456, 2182, 1527, 305, 4, 1, 0.

  • The number from the display will be called number A.
  • Start at the top row and go down for each digit, using the color as the column to get a number from the table below. This will be called number B.
  • Find the leftmost position where at that position the digit of number A is equal to number B. Remove all digits to the left of that position from number A. If there is no such position, then you don’t remove any digits from A.
  • Take the digital root of number B, then divide it by 10 (making it a decimal value). This will be called number C.
  • Multiply number A and number C, rounding down. Enter this number into the display by using the keypad below and pressing the green button labeled S.
  • The number entered will become the new displayed number, however the colors for it will be randomized.
  • Keep doing the steps above until you reach 0. When 0 is submitted, the module will be solved.
  • The red button labeled C will clear the number you entered and show the current displayed number.
  • If you enter the wrong number into the display, it will cause a strike, then it will show the current displayed number.
  • Pressing the screen will toggle color blind mode on/off. The letters above the screen refers to the color of that digit in the same place: (G)reen, (C)yan, (M)agenta, (O)range.