On the Subject of 15 Mystic Lights

Is this grid blue and yellow or black and white?

This module starts with 16 buttons on the module that light up in the dark. The module is interacted like Lights Out, a needy module relying on toggling adjacent lights to disarm the module. Turn the lights to one color on the 16 light variant to progress to the 15 light variant. Turn the lights to one color the 15 light variant to disarm the module.

The 15 light variant has a hole in the board which cannot be interacted with. Clicking on a light adjacent to the hole will toggle the adjacent lights and then move the interacted light to the hole.

If colorblind mode is enabled on this module, a 0 represents a blue light while a 1 represents a yellow light. Both texts are colored differently to distinguish between the two colors. The text goes away when the lights are in one color and reappears when the module generates the given variant.