On the Subject of 1D Chess

Whatever you do, don’t panic.

The module has 8 – 11 tiles and a blackboard overlaid on a wooden backing. When the lights come on, it will attempt to generate a puzzle. It may take a while.

Once a valid position has been found, the blackboard will update with "Mate in #", # being a number.

To solve this module, you must beat Rustmate, a computer chess engine, at their own game. You cannot use more moves than the blackboard specifies. Losing/drawing the game will incur a strike and reset the module.

Game Rules

  • 4 to 8 chess pieces are divided into white and black sets. The game is played on a 1-dimensional board of 8 to 11 squares, designated A–K, left-to-right. Any corner turns on it are treated as straight lines.
  • When the king is attacked, they are put in check, the player being checked must go out of check. A player cannot put themselves in check.
  • To win a game of 1D Chess, a player must put the opponent in Checkmate, where the opponent is in check, and cannot move out of check.
    • If the king is safe, but the player or opponent cannot make any moves, this is called Stalemate and is a draw.
Name Icon Movement
King 1 space forward/backward.
Knight 2 spaces forward/backward, can jump over another piece.
Pawn 1–2 spaces toward the opponent king.
Bishop Any even-number of spaces forward/backward.
Rook Any odd-number of spaces forward/backward.
Queen Any number of spaces forward/backward.


Use the above interactive graphic as a chessboard.

Select one of the tools below the chessboard then click on the chessboard to use that tool.
Use one of the chess piece tools to place/remove a piece.
Use the marker tool to mark/unmark a square.
Drag using the marker tool to mark/unmark several squares.
Use the Move tool to drag a piece from one square to another.
Use the + and - buttons or press M and then 0–9 to set the moves until checkmate.
You can change the number of squares, save the current state of the board, reset the board, reset the saves, or reset everything using the other buttons.