On the Subject of 1D Chess

Whatever you do, don’t panic.

The module has 8 – 11 tiles and a blackboard overlaid on a wooden backing. When the lights come on, it will attempt to generate a puzzle. It may take a while.

Once a valid position has been found, the blackboard will update with "Mate in #", # being a number.

To solve this module, you must beat Rustmate, a computer chess engine, at their own game. You cannot use more moves than the blackboard specifies. Losing/drawing the game will incur a strike and reset the module.

Game Rules

  • 4 to 8 chess pieces are divided into white and black sets. The game is played on a 1-dimensional board of 8 to 11 squares, designated a–k, left-to-right. Any corner turns on it are treated as straight lines.
  • When the king is attacked, they are put in check, the player being checked must go out of check. A player cannot put themselves in check.
  • To win a game of 1D Chess, a player must put the opponent in Checkmate, where the opponent is in check, and cannot move out of check.
    • If the king is safe, but the player or opponent cannot make any moves, this is called Stalemate and is a draw.
Name Icon Movement
King 1 space forward/backward.
Knight 2 spaces forward/backward, can jump over another piece.
Pawn 1–2 spaces toward the opponent king.
Bishop Any even-number of spaces forward/backward.
Rook Any odd-number of spaces forward/backward.
Queen Any number of spaces forward/backward.