On the Subject of 1x1x1 Rubik’s Cube

It’s already solved though.

Sup you losers? It’s ya boi back with another challenge: setting the world record for solving the smallest Rubik’s Cube known to mankind! But you’re going to help me do it.

Find the starting location on the grid below with the top* face color being the starting cell. The back, left, right, and front faces must match with the top, left, right, and bottom of the starting cell (wrapping is allowed).

Note: The cube can be rotated before the start button is pressed. This will not change the initial answer.


Once you found your starting cell, use each character’s numeric position from the serial number (A=1, Z=26) to get 6 numbers. Add the row of the starting cell to the first three numbers and the column to the second three**.

*The top face is considered the one that is seen first when the module is initialized.

**Index starts at 0.

For each face, find the modifier based on the table below and apply it to the corresponding number obtained above. U=1st, L=2nd, F=3rd, R=4th, D=5th.

Face Color Top Left Front Right Bottom
Green + AA Batteries + Stereo RCA Ports + Lit Indicators + Digits in Serial Number - Port Plates
Blue + D Batteries + Serial Ports - Unlit Indicators + Consonants in Serial Number + 4
Red + Batteries + DVI-D Ports - Lit Indicators + Letters in Serial Number + Port Plates
White - AA Batteries + PS/2 Ports + Unlit Indicators - Letters in Serial Number * Port Plates
Yellow - D Batteries + Parallel Ports * Unlit Indicators - Digits in Serial Number * 2
Orange - Batteries + RJ-45 Ports * Lit Indicators + Vowels in Serial Number + 8

Take your new set of numbers numbers mod 6 to get the 6 moves to perform. Press the yellow button to start the run. You will have 10 seconds to input the moves. Making the wrong move or time running out will result in a strike and reset the module.

Note: Any moves made before the yellow buttons was pressed will be undone before the timer starts.