On the Subject of 2048

Wait.. wasn’t this game based on a different game? Like “1024” or something?

How to Play 2048

Use the arrow buttons on the module* to move all tiles on the grid.

Tiles will move until they hit the edge or another tile. However, if a tile collides with another tile of the same value, they will merge and become twice the value.

Solving the Module

To solve the module, merge tiles until you reach the 256 tile. The module will automatically solve once this tile is acquired.

However, you may continue playing the game after the module is solved to attempt to reach any higher tiles, such as 2048.

If you run out of moves, the module will strike and reset to a random position.

If you think you will run out of moves, or need a fresh start, you can press the square reset button* (labeled "R") to reset to a random position without any penalty.

*You can alternatively use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move tiles, and use the R key to reset.