On the Subject of 3D Maze

You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike. Exits are to the north, south, east, and west.

  • The defuser starts in a random position and orientation in one of the ten mazes below.
  • Locate the defuser using a 3D view of the maze walls, which also shows the symbol on the floor of the current space, and if there is a symbol in the space ahead.
  • The maze map is cyclic; moving off one of the edges will take the defuser to the space on the opposite side, provided there is no wall in between the space.
  • One of the walls is the goal, the rest will cause strikes if moved into.
  • To defuse the module, locate the goal wall, and move through it from either side.
  • Using the methods below, calculate a row (0-7), a column (0-7), and a direction; the goal wall will be the first wall from these coordinates in the given direction.


  • Start with the first numeric digit in the serial number.
  • Add 1 for unlit CAR, CLR, FRK, FRQ, MSA, NSA, SIG, TRN (MAZE GAMER).
  • If the row number is greater than 7, subtract 8.


  • Start with the last numeric digit in the serial number.
  • Add 1 for lit BOB, CLR, IND, MSA, NLL, NSA, SIG, SND, TRN (HELP IM LOST).
  • If the column number is greater than 7, subtract 8.


  • Each maze contains three star icons marked on the map.
  • On the floor in each of these locations is a letter, which maps to the direction to the goal wall: “N” becomes North, “S” becomes South, “E” becomes East, and “W” becomes West.
  • Beware of letters not in these marked locations, they carry incorrect decoy instructions!