On the Subject of 3D Tunnels

Let’s take this to another dimension.

You control a hovercraft inside a grid of nodes connected by tunnels. Nodes are identified by a unique symbol. Use the four arrow buttons to travel through the grid. There’s also a button with a symbol on it, representing your next goal node. Travel there and press the goal button. Repeat this three times to solve the module.

  • Only a few nodes will show the symbol of that node. Locate some symbols to determine your current location and orientation.
  • The arrow buttons rotate the hovercraft in that direction. The thrust button is broken and has been removed. (But no worries! I’ve fixed it!) After every rotate command, the hovercraft will go one node forward.
  • If you fly into a wall, you’ll get a strike.
  • If you press the goal button while not at the goal node, you’ll get a strike.