On the Subject of 4 Buttons

Yet another module with multiple buttons and instructions to be followed.

To solve this module, you need to press the 4 buttons correctly using this 2-Stage rule. Pressing incorrectly will result in a strike.
The count will not be resetted unless a strike is triggered by this module, if a strike is triggered in Stage 2, The first stage will not have to be redone, as the status indicated by the LED on the top is never resetted.

Stage 1

When this stage is solved, the LED on the top will turn on.
At any point, if the LED turned on, do not press any more buttons and skip to Stage 2 immediately.
Follow this instruction step-by-step from top to bottom.
  1. Press the top left button once.
  2. If the number on the green button and the number on the blue button differ by more than 3, press the blue button once.
  3. If a lit indicator SIG is present, press the top right button.
  4. If the serial number contains the letter R, S, or T, press the red button 2 times.
  5. If the number on the green button is prime, press the green button by the amount of AA batteries on the bomb.
  6. Press the yellow button once.
  7. If the number on the blue button is greater than the number of parallel ports on the bomb, press the button that has the lowest number on it, if there are duplicates, press the top right button twice instead.
  8. If the LED hasn’t been turned on yet, alternate between pressing the bottom right button and the top right button until the LED lights.

Stage 2

Observe this table, the two rows in each cell indicate a button and the number that is needed to be in the timer when the button is released.

Position of
the yellow button
Color of the bottom left button
Red Green Blue
Top Left Bottom Left
Top Right
Top Right Red
Top Left
Bottom Right Top Left

If the yellow button is in the bottom left position, press the yellow button and release it immediately.
When the button is pressed and released correctly, the module will solve.