On the Subject of 4D Maze

How to imagine a 4-dimensional space? Easy! Imagine N-dimensional space, and then imagine that N is equal to four.

Defuser starts at a random position and orientation in a 4D maze. On the module, this maze is displayed as a projection onto a 120-degree cubic retina. Determine the location of the defuser using the colors of the surrounding walls. The maze map is cyclic: moving off one of the edges will take the defuser to the space on the opposite side.

To defuse the module, go to the shown coordinates and press display. Coordinates format is (X;Y;Z;W). Use the buttons on the right of the module to rotate (Left/Right; Up/Down; Ana/Kata) and the large button on the bottom to move Forward.

The module has a button for switching the display mode. The normal mode only shows the walls adjacent to the defuser. The advanced mode has a higher display range. Advanced mode is enabled by default. Default mode can be changed in mod settings.

The module has a button for toggling the wiggle mode. Wiggle mode is enabled by default. Default mode can be changed in mod settings.

Repeated pressing of the rotation or movement buttons will add these actions to the queue. The larger the queue, the faster the animation will be.

When a module is solved, it will automatically walk through the maze at random. Press the coordinate display again to disable automatic movement. If automatic movement is disabled, the rotation and movement buttons will become active again. The automatic activation of this movement can be disabled in mod settings.

The following pages contain the "Wall Reference" table. Each cell of the table contains a coordinate in the format X,Y,Z,W and the colors of the walls that are adjacent to this coordinate. Possible colors:

  • R - red;
  • G - green;
  • B - blue;
  • C - cyan;
  • M - magenta;
  • Y - yellow;
  • K - black (means no wall).

Walls are sorted by RGBCMYK. Cells are sorted by walls. Cells with duplicate walls are colored gray.