On the Subject of 8


[Begin Narrator notes]

Oh dear, it appears that The Stanley Parable Demo™ module has broken again! I should inform the development team about this game-breaking bug.

Luckily, I know how to resolve this issue.

This replacement module is hooked up to solve whenever Stanley — the defuser — has solved every other non-ignored module on the bomb and is completely soothed, while also striking if it detects that Stanley is panicking.

Stanley calms down if the button is pressed at least x times, where x is equal to the number of solved non-ignored modules on the bomb, plus one. In the event of there being multiple of these modules on the bomb, the button must be pressed at least x times on all of them.

Additionally, an LED at the bottom-right corner of the module will light up green when Stanley is calm. He starts off by not being calm.

How did this module end up here, anyway?

[End Narrator notes]