On the Subject of Mistake Modules

Somewhere deep inside, I know it may be wrong, but I’m ready to commit Mistake No. 2.

Our deepest apologies, but the bomb you were sent contains an unfinished module where the components were not added on schedule. For that reason, we ask that you must destroy it. However, even though there are no components, the internal circuitry of the module is still present.

Since there are no components, the plastic of the module is very fragile, and can be destroyed simply by touching it. However, the circuity is still active, and won’t allow you to touch the module whenever you want. Read below to learn what we suggest you do so you don’t get unintentional strikes on your bomb.

We also understand that there are other functional modules that look identical to the one you were accidentally sent. Use Appendix BLANK in Blind Alley for blank modules identification.

Disarming this module:

You should be able to touch the module once without any problems. If done correctly, you should hear the plastic shattering and the module should crack.

Be careful from now on, we don’t think that touching the module anytime is safe anymore. We suggest that you touch it a second time when the last digit of the bomb’s timer is equal to the last digit of the bomb’s serial number.

Don’t worry, this is the last instruction we give you. If our hypotheses are correct, you can touch the module again when the seconds section of the bomb’s timer are equal to the sum of the digits of the bomb’s serial number. This should solve the module after a few seconds. If it doesn’t, please contact us.

Should the module give a strike, the module will still shatter, and you should proceed to the next direction above. The module may also solve even if it struck you shortly before. However, we don’t suggest that you keep touching it.

Thank you for your cooperation. - The workers at the Bomb Factory

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