On the Subject of A-button-ing Mazes

These buttons are truly amazing! I’ve never pressed anything like them!

  • This module has a button facing in each of the four cardinal directions.
  • Each button has a different 5×5 maze with invisible walls on it, each with their own white start positions, red goal positions, and four red X markers indicating which of the mazes below is present on the button.
    The walls of the maze can be rotated or flipped into any orientation, reorienting the positions of the markers accordingly.
  • To move in the maze:
    • Hold the button in the desired movement direction.
      This will light up the held button in one of six colours.
    • Releasing the button will attempt to move the white pieces in the corresponding pair of mazes given by the table below in its direction.
    • If either piece hits a wall: the wall will become visible, a strike is incurred, and neither piece will move even if a wall was only hit in one of the mazes.
  • Get all four pieces into the goal positions at the same time to solve the module.
Timer digit*
RedN & EN & SS & ES & WE & WN & W
BlueN & SS & WN & EN & WS & EE & W
YellowS & WN & WN & SE & WN & ES & E
MagentaN & WE & WS & WS & EN & SN & E
CyanE & WS & EN & WN & ES & WN & S
WhiteS & EN & EE & WN & SN & WS & W

*The last seconds digit of the bomb timer unless it does not belong to any column of the table. In that case, the next digit is used instead.