On the Subject of Accumulation

It looks like somebody ate a paintbox and then threw it up all over a module…

  • The module shows a screen and a keypad.
  • The module border, background and keypads will be a variety of ten potential colours.
  • The clear and submit buttons will always be red and lime respectively.
  • Add together the number of batteries, port plates, indicators and the number associated with the border colour. This is your base number.
  • Add this total to the number associated with the background colour and enter it into the keypad. Take note of the colours of the numbers you press.
  • Entering the correct number will progress the module to the next stage.
  • At each subsequent stage:
    • Multiply the number associated with the new background colour by the stage you are on.
    • Add it to the sum of the numbers associated with the colours of the numbered buttons you submitted at the previous stage.
    • Add this new total to the number entered at the previous stage and enter it into the keypad.
    • If the number increases beyond 999, modulo 1000.
  • Entering an incorrect number will reset the module to stage one, reset the border colour and cause a strike.
  • Once all five stages have been cleared, the module will disarm.
Colour Value
Blue 9
Brown 23
Green 4
Grey 15
Lime 26
Orange 2
Pink 8
Red 17
White 11
Yellow 10