On the Subject of Adventure Games

This appears to be a strange interface for an old text adventure game. All of the inventory management puzzles you have come to know and love, but none of the story.

  • The three screens show the enemy you are facing, a list of statistics about your character and the world, and a list of the objects in your inventory.
  • In your inventory is three weapons, plus five miscellaneous items.
  • You must decide which of the items to use to prepare for the battle, then which weapon to use.
  • Use the left and right arrows to scroll through statistics and inventory.
  • To use an item or weapon, press “USE” when it is displayed in the inventory.
  • Use the item table below to determine whether or not to use each item.
  • Items can be used in any order, but all applicable items must be used before a weapon is used to fight the enemy.
  • Use the weapon table and the enemy statistic table to determine which weapon to use to fight the enemy.
  • For each weapon, compare the player’s relevant stat (STR, DEX, or INT), plus any bonus, to the enemy’s same stat.
  • To defeat the enemy most efficiently, use the weapon which has the highest stat advantage (or lowest disadvantage).
  • If two weapons have the same stat advantage, either can be used.
Statistic Description
5 STR Strength (STR) of player, used in combat
5 DEX Dexterity (DEX) of player, used in combat
5 INT Intelligence (INT) of player, used in combat
5’ 5” Height of player, in feet and inches
15°C Temperature, in degrees Celsius
9.8 m/s² Force of gravity, in meters per second squared
101 kPa Atmospheric pressure, in kilopascals
Item Use if...
Balloon Gravity is less than 9.3 m/s² or pressure is greater than 110 kPa, and not fighting an Eagle.
Battery There is at most 1 battery on the bomb, and fighting an enemy other than a Golem or a Wizard.
Bellows If fighting a Dragon or an Eagle, use if pressure is greater than 105 kPa. If fighting a different enemy, use if pressure is less than 95 kPa.
Cheat code Cheaters never prosper! Don’t use these.
Crystal ball INT is greater than the last digit of the serial number, and not fighting a Wizard.
Feather DEX is greater than either STR or INT.
Hard drive There are two or more of the same port on the bomb.
Lamp Temperature is less than 12°C, and not fighting a Lizard.
Moonstone There are at least two unlit indicators on the bomb.
Potion Always use, but note that STR, DEX, and INT may change.
Small dog Fighting an enemy other than a Demon, a Dragon, or a Troll.
Stepladder The player is shorter than 4’, and fighting an enemy other than a Goblin or a Lizard.
Sunstone There are at least two lit indicators on the bomb.
Symbol Fighting a Demon or a Golem, or if the temperature is greater than 31°C.
Ticket The player is 4’ 6” or taller, and gravity is at least 9.2 m/s², and at most 10.4 m/s².
Trophy STR is greater than the first numeric digit of the serial number, or if fighting a Troll.
Demon 50 50 50
Dragon 10 11 13
Eagle 4 7 3
Goblin 3 6 5
Golem 9 4 7
Troll 8 5 4
Lizard 4 6 3
Wizard 4 3 8
Weapon Uses... Bonus
Broadsword STR +0
Caber STR +2
Nasty Knife DEX +0
Longbow DEX +2
Magic orb INT +0
Grimoire INT +2