On the Subject of Again

How much longer do I have to do this?

This module consists of a button and 2 displays. The top screen shows the max stages and the bottom screen shows the current valid stages.

Step 1: Activation

The module will turn on randomly and make this sound . When the module is on, the button will show an exclamation mark. These are the only signs that the module is on.

This will activate a 2.5 minute timer. However, the module will not show the current state of the timer, making it hard to decipher how long is left.

TIP: It is better to figure out the solution using step 2 BEFORE the module triggers.

Step 2: Timing

When the module is triggered, press the button once and note the state of the bomb at the time the button was pressed. Specifically, the strikes, number of solved modules, and the number on the bottom display. If any of these aspects were changed after the first button press, DO NOT use the changed aspects for the if statements. Only use the aspects present when the button was pressed for the if statements. Start with 0 and do the if statements from top to bottom.

  • If there are 0 strikes, add 69 to your number.
  • If there is 1 strike, add 21.
  • If there are 2 strikes, add 7.
  • If there are 3 or more strikes, add 666.
  • If the amount of indicators is greater than the bottom display number, add the top display number to your number.
  • If the amount of indicators is less than the bottom display number, subtract the top display number from your number.
  • If any ‘The Button’ modules have been solved, multiply your number by 2.
  • If there are more port plates than the bottom display number, modulo your number by 81.
  • If the SN contains a 3, multiply your number by 9.
  • If none of the above apply, set your number to the bottom display number.

When all of these are finished, modulo your resulting number by 60.

Step 3: Solving

The number acquired from step 2 is the 2 digit number which the bomb timer's seconds digits must match when the button is pressed again. If the number acquired is a single digit, add a preceding 0 (e.g. 9 becomes 09).

If this is done correctly, the module will add 1 to the bottom display and turn off. Step 2 must be re-evaluated for the current state of the bomb every time you press the button. When the steps are repeated enough times for the bottom and top display to match, the module is solved.

Step 4: Failsafe

Of course, there is a chance that there won't be enough time for the module to solve, so as a failsafe, when the time left is 2:30, the module will turn on and create one final stage. If the module was already on, everything from the activation is reset and the new activation must be solved.