On the Subject of Air Strikes

Someone is disagreeing with you on the Internet! To solve the module, call an air strike on their house.

Section 1 — Starting Location

You have your target’s address narrowed down to 16 neighborhoods. The missile starts aimed at a random neighborhood in that area, which varies from module to module.

Simonsborough Cycle Hills Brush Oaks Mystic Square
Talkington Blind Valley Digit Springs Fort Tean
Question Park Flashing Heights Alarmburg English Crest
Sueet Falls Match Acres Black Knoll Passwood

When determining what neighborhood to aim at, the targeting system runs a simulation of a series of air strikes. In the table below, each cell whose condition is true will get hit by a missile. When the missile explodes, it hits the cell where it landed, and every cell in its row and column. Once the simulation is complete, there will be exactly one cell that was not hit by any explosions. The location of that cell is where the missile will be aimed when the module initializes.

Note: If you forget where you are, you can click on the message screen to return to the starting location.

Arrows are blue or red Hours on timestamp is 6 or less Minutes on timestamp is even Arrows are blue or yellow
Buttons are triangles Target’s username is 10+ letters long Timestamp says “PM”, not “AM” Border of crosshair is black
Status light is on the top half Crosshair is yellow or purple Clicking the message screen makes a sound Target’s username contains an E
Crosshair is red or purple Border of message is black Message is above the crosshair Status light is on the right half

Section 2 — Target Location

Next, you need to aim the missile at your target. The arrows on the module will move your crosshair in their respective directions, and if you go off of the 4×4 grid, you will loop around to the other side.

To determine which neighborhood to launch the missile at, look at the message your target sent. Depending on the topic and the stance they took, you can determine where they live. Use the “For” column if their message is in favor of the topic, or the “Against” column if their message goes against the topic.

Submit the module by pressing the crosshair screen.

Topic For Against
Dogs are better than catsTalkingtonBlind Valley
You have UNO on your XboxEnglish CrestPasswood
Pluto should be considered a planetSueet FallsTalkington
Cereal goes in the bowl before milkAlarmburgFort Tean
The week starts on Sunday, not MondayDigit SpringsBlack Knoll
Alphabetical order should ignore “The”Mystic SquareBrush Oaks
All odd numbers have an E in themMatch AcresFlashing Heights
Pineapple is a good pizza toppingCycle HillsEnglish Crest
Soup is a drinkFort TeanSueet Falls
Santa Claus is real Brush OaksMatch Acres
People should not wear socks with sandalsBlack KnollMystic Square
“Air Strikes” should win Round 2 of KWSNESimonsboroughCycle Hills
Coca-Cola is better than PepsiPasswoodAlarmburg
Hot dogs are a kind of sandwichBlind ValleySimonsborough
The chicken came before the eggFlashing HeightsQuestion Park
Summer is better than winterQuestion ParkDigit Springs