On the Subject of Alarming

Wake up! (Wake up!) Why’d you leave the keys up on the table!?

Note: If the timer's speaker is on the left side of the module, you are looking at the wrong manual.

An “Alarming” module has a countdown timer with a strike counter above it. There’s a lid containing the status light at the top right of the module.

Partway through defusing the bomb, the module's timer will halt and an alarm sound will begin to ring. This means the module is engaged.

This alarm will not stop ringing until the correct 4-letter word is input into the display. When done, the timer will resync.

When two words have been correctly input into the timer, the module will solve.

To reset the alarm's display, tap the strike counter above the alarm.

Note: For every 30 seconds the alarm rings, the module will strike.

Each digit of the countdown timer is represented using a 7-segment display. When the module is engaged, the defuser will be able to toggle each segment on and off individually. Translate the word obtained in the table below using the guide written in Appendix 7SEG.


Appendix 7SEG: Writing With A 7-Segment Display

The possible letters that can be written with the display are listed here. The letters have been alphabetized in reading order, with the only missing letters being K, M, V, W, and X.