On the Subject of Alchemy

Turning manuals into flowcharts? Oh wait, I can defuse it!

Creation and Terra opposite each other? Heva and Meta adjacent to each other? SN last digit even AND Fire is at 9 o’clock? Heva at 11 o’clock? Main symbol? Freq = Mind REDRAW Creation at 5 o’clock? Freq = Life REDRAW Terra at 3 o’clock? Freq = Energy REDRAW Strucota at 9 o’clock? Freq = Matter REDRAW Fire at 7 o’clock? Freq = Flames REDRAW Freq = none REDRAW Fire lit TRN? Freq = Energy REDRAW Terra SUBMIT Freq = Mind SUBMIT Heva lit SND? REDRAW SUBMIT Freq = Life SUBMIT Freq = Life REDRAW Terra SUBMIT Freq = Matter SUBMIT Main symbol? Freq = Energy REDRAW Heva SUBMIT Freq = Energy SUBMIT Freq = Life Strucota Freq = none Creation SUBMIT Freq = Flames SUBMIT Heva SUBMIT Freq = Energy SUBMIT START Terra Fire Meta Strucota Heva Creation Terra Fire