On the Subject of Alcoholic Rampage

Everyone is Dead.

You are Demoman! The mercenaries are trying to figure out who killed Heavy, but you decide to go on a killing rampage in your drunken state. The only problem is you need to be drunk enough in order to pull the trigger.

Your current BAC will be on display. Use the table below to determine the minimum BAC you need to kill the displayed mercenary. If the minimum BAC is greater than 0.25, it is just 0.25. Drink to increase your BAC as needed and then kill once you are drunk enough. Killing 3 mercenaries will be enough to satisfy you.

Be careful not to excessively drink or else you will pass out.

Scout 0, nobody likes him.
Soldier (The number of Obama Grocery Store, Spangled Stars, USA Cycle and USA Maze modules + 10) / 100.
Pyro (The number of batteries + the number of ports) / 100.
Heavy (5 * the number of battery holders + 2) / 100.
Engineer (The integer part of the bomb’s voltage + 15) / 100.
Medic The bomb’s strike limit / 100.
Sniper (3 * the number of indicators + the number of Hitman modules) / 100.
Spy (The sum of the digits in the serial number + 3) / 100.