On the Subject of Alien Filing Colors

Can you help me order these potential baby names? They’re very complicated… ALIEN COMPLICATED!!

This module contains 8 different colored buttons split into two columns. These colors represent eight different names that you have to order.

Your mission is to press the eight buttons in the correct order.

If you make an incorrect input in the sequence, a strike will occur and the sequence will reset.


If the last digit of the serial number is even, sort the names alphabetically.
Otherwise, sort the names reverse alphabetically.
After sorting, follow all rules below that apply, in the order listed:

  1. Always put Xilly last if there are 3 or more ports, because that name sounds silly.
  2. Always put Zylly first if the sum of the 3rd and 6th digits in the serial number is divisible by 3, because that name sounds not only cool, but also funky.
  3. Always put Zzzzzz first if there are more D batteries than AA batteries. Stop sleeping!
  4. Always put Zilla first and/or Zizza last if there are more lit indicators than unlit indicators.

After figuring out the order of the names, use the table on the following page to determine the order of the colors to press.

Color Name
Red & Magenta Zyzzy
Magenta Zilla
White Xilly
Red Xyxxy
Orange & Green Zyzzzzzz
Yellow & Blue Zzzzzz
White & Red Zizz
White & Magenta Zylly
Red & Yellow Zyzz
Red & Blue Zyzzblat
Orange & Yellow Zyzzzz
White & Orange Zizza
Orange & Violet Zzz
White & Green Zxylly
Violet Zazzblit
White & Blue Zy
White & Yellow Zizzy
Red & Green Zyzza
Yellow & Violet Zzzzzzz
Blue Zazzblat
Orange Xyzz
Orange & Magenta Zzzz
Red & Orange Zyz
Red & Violet Zyzzblit
Yellow Xyzzy
White & Violet Zyll
Yellow & Magenta Zzzzzzzz
Yellow & Green Zzzzz
Orange & Blue Zz
Green Xzzyxyz