On the Subject of Alphabet Tiles

"Cheerleader" included.

The module consists of 5 by 5 tiles with different letters, a play button, and a small display with a letter.

You can start the module by pressing the play button on the module. After pressing the play button, the letters on the grid will disappear and a sequence of 6 letters that can be located on the grid will be displayed represented by a 5 by 5-pixel letter with an accompanying sound.

If you press the stop button, the letters on the tiles will reappear. In this state, pressing on a tile will count as the answer to the module. You have 10 seconds to choose a letter. Running out of time or choosing an incorrect letter will cause the module to give a strike and reset.


You can mute/unmute the sound during the cycle by pressing the microphone button.

Solving The Module

The image shown on the top-right represents the proper movement that must be performed during this. In the image shown above, the module will show this letter format when the cycle begins.

To identify what button to press, do these following steps:

Calculate the distance by moving from the front of the starting letter to the ending letter of each step (starting from 1). The movement must be similar to what is shown on the top-right image.

StepStarting LetterEnding Letter
1Letter Shown on Small Display1st Letter Shown on the Cycle
21st Calculated Letter2nd Letter Shown on the Cycle
32nd Calculated Letter3rd Letter Shown on the Cycle
43rd Calculated Letter4th Letter Shown on the Cycle
54th Calculated Letter5th Letter Shown on the Cycle
65th Calculated Letter6th Letter Shown on the Cycle









After calculating the distance, create a string of the alphabet and move forward starting from the initial letter until the amount of movement is equal to the distance that has been calculated. Use the initial letter that currently aligns with your current step number.

StepInitial Letter
1The Missing Letter from the Grid
21st Calculated Letter
32nd Calculated Letter
43rd Calculated Letter
54th Calculated Letter
65th Calculated Letter


Example if the Missing Letter is A with the given distance



If you ever go past letter Z, loop back to letter A.

If you ever landed on the missing letter after this movement, move forward again by the distance you have calculated.

Gather the letter in the "After" result. This is going to be your current calculated letter for the next step. Move a step forward and perform the action on the previous page. If you are unable to move a step forward, perform the step below.

If you have pressed the stop button, the button with a similar letter to the gathered answer will be the correct button to press.