On the Subject of Alphabetize

You know the alphabet, right? Well, get ready to learn it again!

The module displays a chalkboard with a letter. Determine if this letter is or is not in the alphabetic sequence by going through the list of rules below and using the median of the results based on the true rules. If there is no median, the correct Alphabetic string is the modern English Alphabet.

Select the right side of the module if the letter is next in the sequence. Select the left side of the module if it is not next in the sequence.

There are exactly two indicators CMFIKDXHLUGZRNAOSYJWPETVBQ
There are exactly three ports TABSHFPJIVCZLGKENDQWOMUXYR
There is an even number of strikes VDOGLSQXKMBZTAWJHINFCUYPRE
There is an even number of batteries MVXIDNRKJGWQBPLZOSFAHCTYUE
The first letter of the serial number is a consonant ZARSHCKMDGFPQTONLUJBXEYVWI
There are exactly two port plates UKYEVGNWFXDPJHOIBAQCRLSZTM
There is an odd number of batteries FGCIHJZYPUMARWOQTDBSVENLXK
There are at least three digits in the serial number VONTGQJUZCPMSEBXDRHFKWIYAL
There are more than two indicators on the bomb XTKSMWBIUZAOYPLJNFHCGVRQDE
The number of solved modules is greater than three BAMOIRSFNKXELZGJCWDTYQHUPV
There is not a vowel in the serial number JMOANRTXCZYIFLVWUGKSEDBPQH
There are more than thirty modules on the bomb JAKFGITXSHORVZCMBYWULDENQP
The number of indicators on the bomb is less than four LDKVYHPBJXFMGRCZEUWOISQTNA

If a strike is given, the current number in the sequence will be shown in red in the top left corner of the module for that stage only.