On the Subject of Anagraphy

It’s quite jumbled up. Even the letters are broken!

This module is from some alien civilisation, and it has the following displays from left to right and then from bottom to top: clear button, submit button, character selector, character appender, submission display and the word display.

To solve the module, find an anagraph of the given word and submit it.

A strike will reset the module.

The symbols on the module must be interpreted as shown in the table.

The top screen shows the word to use and the middle screen shows your current input.

An anagraph is a rearrangement of parts of letters to reconstruct a word. The module will not accept a rearrangement of the letters themselves so you must change at least one letter.


The character selector has a four corners to select. Clicking any of these corners will move you in the respective diagonal direction on the 3×5 chart below, wrapping around if necessary.


The character appender appends the selected character to the currently inputted word.

The clear button clears the entire input.

The submit button submits the current inputted word.

Akno 11200000Iuyes00000010
Bsno 00000100Jhno 10100000
Coyes11000000Knno 10200000
Dmno 00110000Liyes00001000
Exno 10100000Mpno 01110000
Fayes10000000Nrno 01001000
Gfno 00010000Oeyes00000001
Htno 10000000

Contents refer to the appearance of each element in order. The index of a number indicates which base shape is used and the value indicates how often it appears. The sum of each index must be equal in input and output for an anagraph to work.

Each syllable consists of one vowel and potentially a consonant thereafter: V(C). Keep this in mind while searching for a solution.

The letters are read from left to right.