On the Subject of Anomia

Don’t mix with bleach.

It’s recommended to defuse this with the Camera Zoom mod. Additionally, this requires familiarity with other modded modules to solve.

This module will contain an arrangement of four screens, each containing a card with a category and a symbol. In the center of the displays will be a grid of four module icons. There will also be a button with an arrow on it.

When the arrow is first pressed, a screen will glow blue, and a new card will be displayed on the blue screen. If the symbol on the card matches the symbol of any other card on the board, a match against that card begins. Otherwise, the arrow button can be pressed to proceed to the next player. Play always continues clockwise around the module.

When a match is entered, the active player is always versing the opponent. To resolve a match, press a button whose module fits within the category on the opponent’s card.

This must be done within 10 seconds of a match initiating. When three seconds are remaining, a warning tone will play. After 10 seconds without an input, the module will strike.

When a match is won by a player, the opponent’s card is discarded, revealing a new card beneath. If this card’s symbol matches another card’s symbol, another match can be prompted. If this match does not involve the highlighted player, the defuser serves as the player closest clockwise from the blue screen.

When the defuser loses a match, the player’s card is discarded, which may prompt another match.

Once all matches have been resolved, the arrow button can be pressed to proceed to the next player. The module is solved after each player has gone three times total.