On the Subject of Answering Can Be Fun


  • So, your annoying friend that you can’t remember the name of has switched phone numbers, and you don’t know the new number.
  • Supposedly, the last message they sent you can give you a hint on what their new number is.
  • The message consists of a phrase in English. Any words that don’t sound like proper English words should be treated as such. Example: "gotta" -> "got to"
  • If an English word has more than one correct spelling, use the American version because your friend is too proud to be an American.
  • To solve the module, dial and call your friend's new phone number.
  • If the wrong number is called, you will get a strike and your friend will taunt you when you finally get it correct.

  1. Listen to the message by pressing the 'LISTEN' button on the module. Once you press it, you have to wait 10 seconds to press it again.
  2. Take the message and convert the phrase to a string of text. Ignore spaces, capitalization, and punctuation. Convert any numbers to their word equivalent.
  3. The first three digits of the new number consist of the first digit of the serial number, the sum of the digits of the serial number modulo 10, and the last digit of the serial number.
  4. For the next six digits, take all six characters of the serial number in order.
    • If it’s a number, subtract two from that number, add 10 if it’s negative, then multiply it by the number of digits in the serial number, then dial that number modulo by 10.
    • If it’s a letter, take the number of occurrences of that letter in the message, add the number of digits already dialed, then dial that number modulo 10.
  5. For the last digit, dial the last digit of the bomb's timer, whatever it is, when it is. After ten digits have been entered, the phone will automatically call that number.