On the Subject of Simpler Antichamber

A mind blowing game into a mind blowing game. What a paradox!

In order to solve this module, select the correct gun and use it in the correct room.

Step 1: The Gun

  • To determine the gun you should use, do the following calculation: (vanilla ports - modded ports) * (batteries + holders)
  • If the calculated number is not within the range 1–4, continually add or subtract 4 until it is in said range.

Use the number you have calculated for the gun in the table below.


Step 2: The Room

  1. If you have the numbers “1” and “3” in the serial number, use the gun in the room it corresponds to.
    • Blue: Logic 101
    • Green: Learning to Draw
    • Yellow: I Like to Move it
    • Red: I Can Do Anything
  2. Otherwise, if you have solved at least three modules, your room is “Climbing the Tower”.
  3. Otherwise, if the last digit of the serial number is greater than seven, the room is “The Highest Point”.
  4. Otherwise, if you have solved a 3D Maze, 3D Tunnels, Mouse in the Maze, Vanilla Maze, or Morse-A-Maze, your room is “Impossible Paths”.
  5. Otherwise, if a strike has been recorded, your room is “Failing Forward”.
  6. Otherwise, if there is an unsolved Password, Extended Password, Binary Puzzle, or Symbolic Password, your room is “Connecting the Pieces”.
  7. Otherwise, if there are no solved modules, your room is “Taking Baby Steps”.
  8. Otherwise, if there is a Double-Oh or Cursed Double-Oh, your room is “Three Paths of Sight”.
  9. Otherwise, if there is at least one duplicate module, your room is “Deja Vu”.
  10. Otherwise, your room is “Window of Opportunity”.