On the Subject of Antichamber

A mind blowing game into a mind blowing game. What a paradox!

To solve this module, input the correct gun and antichamber room.

1. The Gun

  • To determine the gun that you need to use count the number of (vanilla ports - modded ports) * (batteries + holders). Keep the number in range 1–4
  • To determine the room you need to go, use the rules below.
  • BUT if you have the last 2 digits of the release year of the game antichamber in the serial number, Use the gun’s room where its located.

Use the number you have calculated for the gun in the table below.

1Blue - Logic 101
2Green - Learning To Draw
3Yellow - I Like To Move It
4Red - I Can Do Anything

2. The Room

  1. If there are at least 3 solved modules then the room is Climbing The Tower.
  2. Otherwise, if the last digit of the serial number is more than 7 then the room is The Highest Point.
  3. Otherwise, if there are solved 3D Maze, 3D Tunnels, Mouse in the Maze, Maze, Morse-A-Maze in the bomb then the room is Impossible Paths.
  4. Otherwise, if you made a strike then the room is Failing Forward.
  5. Otherwise, if you have an unsolved Password, Extended Password, Binary Puzzle, Symbolic Password on the bomb then the room is Connecting The Pieces.
  6. Otherwise, if you haven’t solved a module then the room is Taking Baby Steps.
  7. Otherwise, if you have Double-Oh, Cursed Double-Oh then the room is Three Paths Of Sight.
  8. Otherwise, if you have duplicated module then the room is Deja Vu.
  9. Otherwise, the room is Window Of Opportunity.