On the Subject of Antimatter Dimensions

Cookie Clicker has met its match.

On the module, there are buttons for dimensions and tickspeed. Also, at the bottom of the module, is a button to change the thing you are looking at. Whenever the antimatter is above 1E308, then the module solves.

The main game:

This is where all the action takes place!

If the bottom button doesn't say "Main game", then look somewhere else.

On the main game screen is your antimatter, and dimensions, as well as tickspeed. Each dimension has a initial price (look at table below). The tickspeed doesn't have a price.

Dimension Price
1 1E1
2 1E4
3 1E7
4 1E10
5 1E13
6 1E16
7 1E19
8 1E22

Please note: Price goes up 1E3 every 10 of the dimension. You also buy 10 instead of one.


To make it different from the original game.

If the bottom button doesn't say "Upgrades", then look somewhere else.

Each upgrade is priced according to the price under the upgrade. You can only press the button once!

Dimension Boost

Boosting dimensions is next level magic!

If the bottom button doesn't say "Dim Boost", then look somewhere else.