On the Subject of Art Pricing

Who’s buying this?!

  • The module presents itself with a 4×4 grid of black and white squares, a small labelled tag, a screen with a price, and arrows to change that price.
  • Pressing the left/right arrows will increment the most significant digits of the price, while the up/down arrows will increment the number of zeroes.
  • To solve the module, correctly determine the art’s value and enter it into the price screen. Press this display to submit your answer.

Step 1: Decrypting the Display

  • The art on display has been encrypted, and must be decrypted using the label on the side.
  • Take the 4 characters on the label and convert them to 4 rows of black and white squares using the below table. Let 1’s represent black squares and 0’s represent white squares.
  • Now, create a new image by comparing the image derived from the label with the image on the module by setting each position to black if the corresponding positions in both images are different, and white otherwise.
  • The resulting image will be used in the following steps.
0 0000 4 0100 8 1000 C 1100
1 0001 5 0101 9 1001 D 1101
2 0010 6 0110 A 1010 E 1110
3 0011 7 0111 B 1011 F 1111

Step 2: Determining the Base Value

  • Next, a base value from 1-12 must be determined for the art.
  • Take the image and number the cells on its border from 1 to 12, starting from the top left and continuing clockwise. Ignore the 4 squares in the center.
  • Begin on the cell whose number is the number of the current month. Then, observe the color of that cell and move to a different cell according to the rules below.
    • If the cell is black, go clockwise.
    • If the cell is white, go counter-clockwise.
  • If a cell has already been landed on, continue in that direction until an unvisited cell has been reached. When every cell has been visited, the index of the last-visited cell will be the base value.

Step 3: Determining the Multiplier

  • Finally, a multiplier must be determined. Multiply this by the base value to determine the art’s value.
  • To obtain the multiplier, take the arrangement of 4 squares in the center of the decrypted image and find it within the below table. The number on the right edge of its row is the multiplier.