On the Subject of Audio Keypad

Instead of actually defusing the bomb, press play, and show the defusal sound clip to your cool friend Gary.

This module has a resemblance to the Keypad module with a play button in the upper-left. When the play button is pressed, it will play a track from the soundtrack of indie game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

Pressing play whilst the track is playing will stop it, and pressing it once more will restart the track from the beginning

To disarm the module, press the button with the symbol representing the track playing when you press the play button

Use the below table to translate the track names into symbols. Pressing incorrectly will result in a strike and a reset.

Press the ▶ button to play the corresponding track. Press it again to stop.

Track NameSymbolTrack NameSymbol
Keep Talking!Squidknife,
Hollowstar+And Nobody Explodes@