On the Subject of Back Buttons

Really making you wish you could start this bomb over again.

This module has 13 buttons on it with various texts referencing going back on them. There is also a display towards the top right.

To solve this module, start at the top left button and figure out if it needs to be pressed based on its rule below from the diagram. Go to the next button in reading order and repeat this until the last button is reached and then press it. Once all correct button presses have been made the module will be disarmed. The number of correct button presses will be shown on the display.

However, if any button is reached which says “RETURN”, “BACK UP”, or “<--”, press all buttons starting from the top left which have not had true rules before determining whether that button is correct to press. If this happens again, press all buttons which had true rules, and keep swapping between the two for each further encounter.

If any button is pressed which did not have a true rule a strike will be recorded and the module will NOT reset.

Rule Description
A The bomb has a DVI-D or Serial port
B The text on the button is a back arrow
C The bomb has a B or 7 in the serial number
D There is a Broken Buttons or Numbered Buttons on the bomb
E The text on the next button contains a K or N
F There are 2–3 correct button presses so far
G The bomb has a BOB or CLR indicator present
H There is another module on the bomb that contains “BACK” in its name (excluding spaces)
I There is a prime number of correct presses so far
J The text on the previous button starts with “RE”
K There are less than 2 batteries on the bomb
L The text on the button is not on any other button