On the Subject of Backdoor Hackings

Będę się za ciebie modlił.

  • This module will activate periodically through the bomb. Whenever the module activates, the defuser will lose control of the bomb and will have to block the hack covering the screen.
  • The hack consists of four segments:
    1. The defuser is taken away from the bomb.
    2. They are then thrown into a "Zone Wall" minigame.
    3. They are then thrown into one of three other minigames.
    4. They then either lose or gain DOSCoin based on their performance.
  • DOSCoin is shared between all Backdoor Hacking mods on the bomb.

Button Functionalities

  • The top button will restart your connection to the Dark Web. Whenever you connect, there is a 33% chance that you immediately activate a hack. The cooldown of pressing this button is 16 seconds.
  • The second button allows you to have a 1.25 multiplier on the amount of DOSCoin you gain. This multiplier is not applied to lost DOSCoin. Do note that this costs 100 DOSCoin.
  • The third button starts a three minute cooldown before you get hacked. Note that this costs 50 DOSCoin.
  • The final button will disarm the module. The cost of disarmament is the amount of modules on the bomb multiplied by fifteen, plus a flat thirty.

Minigame Rules:


  • This minigame will always be the first one you encounter, although this is the only minigame you cannot lose DOSCoin to. Pressing space will stop the bar going back and forth on a line.
  • Successfully stopping the bar in all five red zones will instantly block the attack. For each red zone you miss, the following minigame will be harder. Do note that the harder a minigame is, the more DOSCoin you gain from successfully doing it.

Minigame Rules Cont.:


  • This minigame will show a sequence of characters. Type the characters back in the order that they were displayed. Pressing a character that is not an option will not fail the minigame.


A 5×5 grid will have several icons displayed in it. You must navigate all stacker icons to the goal icon. You can only move stacker icons if there is a mover icon adjacent to it in all eight directions, and you can only move it to any of those eight directions. Use WASD to move your cursor and space to select a spot. Moving anything illegally or to an illegal spot will make the hacker successful

Stacker Icon
Mover Icon
Goal Icon


  • A 5×5 grid of octagons will be present, with each being either an alpha or a beta node. The nodes have either diamonds or squares (respectively.)
  • Some nodes will be highlighted in white, navigate from the starting node (outlined in orange) to each highlighted node, alternative between alpha and beta nodes. You cannot pass over a node you have been to previously, nor can you undo.
  • To navigate, imagine the S key on the keyboard is the center of a 3×3 grid. each key surrounding it will navigate you to that corresponding node. Pressing S will submit your path.