On the Subject of BadTV

Hey guys, Speakingevil here. Oh my goodness guys, my stomach is rolling from eating that onion and rotten garlics, oh my goodness. Okay guys, this is BadTV and right now guys I want to show you my module, aah my manual, I guess. Oh my goodness guys, my stomach. But uhh look guys look, its one of my greatest achievement: Bamboozled Again on the Fang’s 47. Hahaha. Look guys look, the Vanilla Swirls: ultimate classic modpack. Um guys, you remember TVAB? Incredible. Incredible. Ow my goodness guys, my stomach guys, my stomach. The bathroom is not far away. Oh my gosh, I’ve got to get to the door. Aah-I just need to get to the door. Bye guys, bye. Don’t forget to subscribe. And the next module will be with me using the toilet. Oh my goodness, guys. Aaaah! I need to get to the bathroom! It’s coming! It’s coming! AAAAAAAH!

  • The module will activate after the first module on the bomb has been solved.
    If there are no other modules, it will activate immediately.
  • Once active, the module will generate stages to be completed in a limited amount of time.
  • Failure to complete the stage in time will result in the loss of a life.
  • If you run out of lives, literally the entire game (KTaNE) will forcibly exit. You do have enough time when the losing animation starts to go back to the office to prevent the game from exiting.

It is essential that the defuser be equipped with a keyboard and use the arrow keys and space bar to directly interact with the module.

For more details on how to complete each stage, find the on-screen prompt within Table A.

Table A

Stage TitlePromptInstructions
Very Annoying ArrowsFollow!Press the displayed button to change the display. If a hollow arrow is displayed, press the button whose arrow is pointing in the opposite direction. Repeat.
Avoidance Deluxe EditionCollect!Use the arrows to move over to the tile with the treasure one space at a time. Collecting the first treasure will set off a trap that must be avoided while collecting the remaining treasure.
Stack OverflowArrange!Use the left and right arrows to move the crane between pallets. Press down to pick up the crate from the top of a stack and set it down again. All crates of the same type must each form a single stack. Stacks have a maximum height of three crates.
Wanted Dead Or AsleepSnipe!Use the arrows to move the crosshairs. The figures in range can be seen in more detail. Find the one that matches the description and press the centre button when the crosshairs are over it. There is only one shot, so don’t miss the target.
One Strike DuelDefeat!When a button is displayed, quickly press the matching button.
Do not press anything before a button is displayed.
Lights Off And On AgainMatch!Use the arrows to change the selection and centre button to toggle the light. When a light is toggled, the orthogonally adjacent lights are also toggled. Match the right set of lights to the left set.
Swarm CensusCount!Use the up and down arrows to increment and decrement the counter. When time runs out the counter must show the number of displayed critters.
Artist UnknownMash!Mash the arrow buttons the number of times shown to carve a sculpture, then finish it off by pressing the centre button.
Snake EyesEat!Use the arrows to change the snake’s movement direction and collect the dice in ascending order without hitting its body, the wrong dice, or the edge of the board. Each collected dice extends the snake’s body.
Sil‑Who‑EttesIdentify!Use the arrows to rotate the object. Once options appear, use the arrows to change the selection and select the matching word using the centre button.
Whack A MouthWhack!Hold the arrows to move the hammer. Upon release, the hammer moves back to the centre. When a face appears under the hammer, press the centre button to whack it. Repeat until the high score is beaten. Do not whack faces with the forbidden costume, which may change at any time.

Boss Stage

Once enough stages have been completed, the module will enter the Boss Stage.
The Boss Stage will continue until it is either beaten (solving the module) or you run out of lives.

To complete the Boss Stage, you must manually trigger the bomb that ordinarily goes off after a certain amount of time.
To do this, you can move left and right with their respective arrows, jump and double-jump with the up arrow, and fire your weapon in the direction you’re facing by holding down the centre button.

Firing at the bomb will weaken its stability. Once low enough, it will explode.
However, the bomb is not defenseless, colliding with it or any of its attacks will cost you a life. The more unstable the bomb is, the faster it will attack.

There are a variety of attacks the bomb can perform, all of which have a tell.
Some can only be done with low enough stability.
Table B shows what attack the bomb will do for a given tell.

Table B

Running in placeAccelerates towards you until it reaches its maximum speed.
Bumping against the bounds of the stage at a high enough speed will cause small bombs to drop from the top of the screen.
Jumping with raised fistDrops to the ground at the apex of its jump, creating shockwaves when it lands.
Spinning armsThrows a number of smaller bombs that explode when they hit the ground.
Front flipDives at you at the apex of its jump.
It will continue to bounce around the screen following its initial trajectory.
Reeling back fistCharges and throws a screen-spanning punch.
This attack can be performed multiple times in a row in quick succession.
Raising a footLaunches itself at a 45° angle, bouncing off the bounds of the screen.
After enough bounces, it will launch vertically, turning into a bulletproof statue at the apex of its jump.
The statue creates shockwaves when it lands.
Holding out bombThrows a large bomb at you that bounces several times. After each bounce, the bomb locks on to your current location.
This attack can be performed multiple times in a row in quick succession.
Jumping off‑screenDrops smaller bombs down from the top of the screen which explode on the ground.
Larger bombs produce shockwaves when they land.
Eventually, the bomb will stop dropping smaller bombs and charge and throw a screen-spanning punch down from directly above you, creating multiple shockwaves when it lands.