On the Subject of Baffling Boxes

Sometimes all it takes is a different point of view.

  • This module contains a big box housing a cube, sphere, and cylinder.
  • The object that can be seen changes depending on if it is viewed from the top/bottom, left/right, or front/back.
  • The top left area of the top face of the box contains a small button. Press this button when the tens digit of the timer is equal to the number calculated from the steps below to disarm the module.

Use the amount of indicators on the bomb to get a direction, where Y is top/bottom, X is left/right, and Z is front/back, then note the shape that is visible from this direction.

  • Lit < Unlit: Y
  • Lit > Unlit: Z
  • Lit = Unlit: X

Use this table to determine an order of axes, taking the shape obtained from the previous step as the row.

Last SN # even Last SN # odd
Cube X, Y, Z Y, X, Z
Sphere Z, X, Y X, Z, Y
Cylinder Y, Z, X Z, Y, X

Use the configuration of the three possible colors based on this order to get the digit.

Colors: Digit:
Red, orange, green 0
Green, red, orange 1
Orange, green, red 2
Orange, red, green 3
Red, green, orange 4
Green, orange, red 5

To enhance visibility, the button can be pressed again after the module solves to destroy the box.