On the Subject of Bag Searches

Remember, folks, in the world of baggage search, it’s ‘dangerous luggage’ we’re defusing, not ‘the B-word.’ Let’s keep it calm and safe!

Search the bags of 3 passengers and either detain them or allow them to board the plane by following the steps below to disarm this module.

Basic Rules:

For each passenger follow these steps, breach of the rules will cause a strike:

  • Check the airline information on the next page which corresponds to the current passenger’s flight.
    • If the airline does not exist, do not X-ray the bag and instantly detain the passenger.
  • Press the X-ray button to enable the state of the art X-ray scanner device.
  • Examine the items inside the bag, following the items specific rules on page 3.
    • Click on any items to confiscate them.
    • Remember to always confiscate any items which are banned by the airline.
    • Confiscated items’ rules still apply e.g. if a passenger has a confiscated passport, they still count as having a passport.
  • Turn the X-ray machine off again by pressing the X-ray button.
    • Do not do this until all items which should be confiscated have been.
  • Press either the handcuffs or the plane icons to detain the passenger or allow them to board the plane respectively.
    • By default passengers are allowed to board unless there is a reason why they should be detained instead.
    • Doing this will cause the next passenger to arrive.
    • After 3 passengers your shift is complete and the module will be disarmed.


The special rule for each airline overrules any item specific rules.

Airline Name Special Rule Banned Items
SparkJet Airways Passengers who should be detained are instead allowed to board with all of their items confiscated. Wires, Game Controllers
BlastAir If there are more than 2 batteries on the bomb, confiscate the bottom right item. Scales, Balls
InfernoFly Passports are not required, do not automatically detain if not present. Money, Wine
WhizBang Airlines Star badges have no effect. Star Badges, Handcuffs
DynamitePlus Airways Do not confiscate any items on the top row, they are pre-approved even if they are banned. Shirts, Ties
PopAir Travel Knives and Guns are always allowed and should not be confiscated or cause them to be detained. Nail Polish, Flashlights
BoomSky Express If the weight is a prime number all items on the top row should be confiscated. Passports, Bones
FRQandU If there is an FRQ indicator, allow the passenger to board without turning on the X-ray machine. N/A

Flight Lengths (Hours):



Item Rule
Passport Passengers without passports should be detained.
Star Badge The star badge and items on its row cannot be confiscated, this can only be overruled by the WhizBang Airlines rule.
Ball This item must be confiscated if the flight is longer than 12 hours.
Bone If a passenger has this item in their bag do not turn off the X-ray machine before detaining them or letting them board.
Flashlight This item must be confiscated if there are at least 2 more lit indicators than unlit indicators on the bomb.
Game Controller This item must be confiscated unless the serial number contains at least one of ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘X’ and ‘Y’.
Gun This item must be confiscated if the flight is less than 8 hours, otherwise leave it in the bag and detain the passenger instead.
Handcuffs This passenger must be detained if no previous passengers have been detained.
Knife This passenger must be detained unless this is the first suitcase, in which case the knife should just be confiscated instead.
Money This item must be confiscated only if no other items should be confiscated from this passenger. If there is more than one of this item, confiscate only the first one in reading order (not including any which shouldn’t be confiscated).
Nail Polish This item must be confiscated if the passenger’s bag is a primary colour.
Scales This item should be confiscated if the bag weighs more than the previous bag. If this is the first bag then this item should not be confiscated.
Shirt This item should not be confiscated.
Tie This item should be confiscated if there are no shirts present.
Wine Bottle This item should be confiscated if there is an indicator labelled CAR.
Wire This item should be confiscated if there are less than 3 ports, if there are no ports also detain the passenger.