On the Subject of Successfully Patronizing a Text-Based Bakery

Even in the face of disaster, we are willing to sacrifice our own images... for text.

  • This module is the inventory of a local bakery, which specializes in cookies. There are 12 plates, each containing a menu item.
  • To solve the module, purchase every valid cookie by clicking its plate.
  • The validity of every cookie that can be found in a 2×2 grid below is determined with the following rules. Every other cookie is part of a special set, each one having their own rules detailed below the 2×2 grids.
    • Create two boolean values. The first one is true if there are any cookies in this cookie’s square also present on the module besides this cookie.
    • If this cookie is in the top-left or bottom-right of its square, the second value is true if there are any cookies in the square above or below this cookie’s square present on the module. If it’s in either of the other two positions, the second value is true if there are any cookies in the square to the left or right of this cookie’s square present on the module.
    • Run these two values through an XOR gate (returns true if exactly one input is true). If the result is true, this cookie is valid.
    • Note that squares at the bottom of one page are considered adjacent to squares at the top of the next page and vice versa, but the set of squares does not loop around in any other way.
  • Highlighting a cookie’s plate will write the name of it on the chalkboard above the plates. Hover over an image of a cookie in this manual to view its name.
  • A selected cookie will gain a purple plate. The plate can be clicked again to unselect the cookie. Press the chalkboard to submit, and if every valid cookie is selected and no invalid cookies are selected, the module will solve.
Chocolate chip cookiePlain cookie
Sugar cookieOatmeal raisin cookie
Peanut butter cookieCoconut cookie
Almond cookieHazelnut cookie
Walnut cookieCashew cookie
White chocolate cookieMilk chocolate cookie
Macadamia nut cookieDouble-chip cookie
White chocolate macadamia nut cookieAll-chocolate cookie
Dark chocolate-coated cookieWhite chocolate-coated cookie
Eclipse cookieZebra cookie
MacaroonEmpire biscuit
Pure black chocolate cookiePure white chocolate cookie
Chocolate-stuffed biscuitChecker cookie
Butter cookieCream cookie
GingersnapCinnamon cookie
Vanity cookieCigar
Pinwheel cookieShortbread biscuit
Millionaires’ shortbreads>Caramel cookie
Pecan sandyMoravian spice cookie
Anzac biscuitButtercake
Pink biscuitWhole grain cookie
Candy cookieBig chip cookie
One chip cookieSprinkles cookie
Peanut butter blossomNo-bake cookie
FlorentineChocolate crinkle
Maple cookiePersian rice cookie
Norwegian cookieCrispy rice cookie
Ube cookieButterscotch cookie
SpeculaaChocolate oatmeal cookie
Molasses cookieBiscotti
Waffle cookieBourbon biscuit
Mini-cookiesWhoopie pie
Caramel wafer biscuitChocolate chip mocha cookie
Earl Grey cookieChai tea cookie
Corn syrup cookieIcebox cookies
Graham crackersHardtack
Cornflake cookieDeep-fried cookie dough
Gluten-free cookieRussian bread cookie
LebkuchenAachener Printen
CanistrelliNice biscuit
French pure butter cookiePetit buerre
Nanaimo barBerger cookie
ChinsukoPanda koala biscuits
Putri saljuMilk cookie
KruidnotenMarie biscuit
Meringue cookieYogurt cookie
Thumbprint cookiePizzelle
Granola cookieRicotta cookie
Roze koekenPeanut butter cup cookie
Sesame cookieTaiyaki
VanillekipferlBattenberg biscuit
Rosette cookieGangmaker
Welsh cookieRaspberry cheesecake cookie
BokkenpootjeFat rascal
Dalgona cookiesBakeberry cookie
Duketater cookieSmile cookie
Wheat slimIschler cookies
Custard creamMatcha cookie
Kolachy cookieGomma cookie
CoyotaFrosted sugar cookies
Marshmallow sandwich cookieWeb cookie
GaufretteCookie bar
Snowball cookieSequilho
Hazelnut SwirlySpritz cookies
Mbtata cookieSpringerle

Chocolate Butter Biscuits:

  • A milk chocolate butter biscuit will always be valid. Every other chocolate butter biscuit is only valid if every cookie to the left of it in the table below is present.
Milk chocolate butter biscuit Dark chocolate butter biscuit White chocolate butter biscuit Ruby chocolate butter biscuit Lavender chocolate butter biscuit Synthetic chocolate green honey butter biscuit Royal raspbery chocolate butter biscuit Ultra-concentrated high-energy chocolate butter biscuit Pure pitch-black chocolate butter biscuit Cosmic chocolate butter biscuit Butter biscuit (with butter)
Everybutter biscuit Everybutter biscuits, however, are valid if they are the only chocolate butter biscuit on the module.

Branded Cookies:

  • The validity of a branded cookie is based on that of another cookie on the module.
  • Each of the 8 ordinal directions is associated with two branded cookies, according to the table below.
  • A branded cookie looks at the cookie on the module in this direction. Looping around is never needed.
  • If the branded cookie is the one out of the two corresponding to its direction that’s on the left, the branded cookie’s validity is equal to the “pointed at” cookie. If it’s on the right, the validity is the inverse.
CaramoaSagalong ShortfoilWin mint
Fig gluttonLoreol Jaffa cakeGrease’s cup
DigitsLombardia cookie Bastenaken cookieFestivity loops
HavabreaksZilla wafers Dim damPokey

Danish Butter Cookies:

  • A Danish butter cookie is valid if it can be found on the module in the area corresponding to it in the table below.
Butter horseshoeRow 1
Butter puckRow 2
Butter knotRow 3
Butter slabColumn 1 or 3
Butter swirlColumn 2 or 4


  • A macaron is valid if the digit corresponding to it in the table below is the last digit of the serial number. If the last digit of the serial number is 0, every macaron is always valid.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Rose macaron Lemon macaron Chocolate macaron Pistachio macaron Hazelnut macaron Violet macaron Caramel macaron Licorice macaron Earl Grey macaron


  • A menu item that is not a cookie is valid if it is the only item in this category with its position within its square on the module.
Apple pieButter croissant
Ice cream sandwichJelly donut
Chocolate cakeCrackers
Lemon meringue pieProfiteroles
Fudge squareGlazed donut
Strawberry cakeToast

Seasonal Cookies:

  • A seasonal cookie is valid if the bomb was started on the day of the week which can be found in the same column as it.
  • However, if the bomb was started in the month containing the relevant holiday, a seasonal cookie is valid if the bomb was not started on that day of the week.
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
December Bell cookie Candy cane cookie Christmas tree cookie Holly cookie Present cookie Snowflake cookie Snowman cookie
October Bat cookie Eyeball cookie Ghost cookie Pumpkin cookie Skull cookie Slime cookie Spider cookie
February Pure heart cookie Ardent heart cookie Sour heart cookie Weeping heart cookie Golden heart cookie Eternal heart cookie Prism heart cookie

Tea Biscuits:

  • Tea biscuits toggle the validity of every cookie they are orthogonally adjacent to on the module.
  • Tea biscuits are valid themselves if the edgework condition corresponding to them is true.
Tea biscuit There is an indicator that shares a letter with the serial number.
Chocolate tea biscuit There is a port plate containing a parallel and serial port, or an empty port plate.
Round tea biscuit There is an equal number of lit and unlit indicators.
Chocolate round tea biscuit There are either only AA batteries or only D batteries.
Hearted tea biscuit The number of modules on the bomb is prime.
Chocolate hearted tea biscuit There are no RJ-45 or DVI-D ports.