On the Subject of Bamboozling Directional Button

"Wait a second, this isn't an octagon!"
...Never has been.

On the module there will be a big hexagonal button with 3 letters on it, and two smaller ones with arrows on the top and bottom. Using the tables below, determine how many times to press the button, when, and which directional button to tap. A press refers to one complete cycle of holding and releasing the big button. Upon a strike, your progress is reset.

Determining how many times to press the button

Look at the color of the button of the directional buttons. Refer to the table below where the row is the top button and the column is the bottom button.

Black 44444435
Red 35656463
Green 54343436
Blue 55656666
Cyan 35635353
Magenta 43554564
Yellow 35465334
White 53463666

Determining when to hold/release the button

Convert the 3 letters on the buttons into there alphanumeric value, then add 1 to each of them. Multiply them all together, modulo by 8. Starting from the row containing the color of the button, move down that many rows. At the row you stop at, hold and release the button when the time on the timer satisfies the conditions in the row. If a cell is empty, assume you can do that action at any time. You must hold the button for at least 2 seconds. After releasing the button, its text and color will change. Repeat the process as many times as the table in the section above dictates.

Hold Release
Black when both of the seconds digits are prime
Red when both of the seconds digits are prime
Green when both seconds digits add up to 6
Blue when the seconds dight equals the minutes digit
Cyan when the seconds digit is 4
Yellow when the seconds digit is 3
White when the seconds digits add up to 9

Determining the correct directional button

Only press the directional buttons if you have already pressed the big button the required number of times. If you pressed the big button an even number of times, tap up. Otherwise, tap down.