On the Subject of Bandboozled Again

Doot doot.

Decrypt the display and buttons using the decryption table.

Buttons play notes when pressed. Each note is assigned to a numeric value. (1-lowest to 6-highest)

Display shows a 10-character encrypted text composed of 2 trumpets. Each buttons have a trumpet, representing 2 letters. A trumpet has a useless loop if the entire length of the pipe is not used. When moving through the pipe, do not make turns when on an up/down slope.

If the top trumpet has a useless loop, Caesar shift the decrypted display backwards A steps; otherwise, shift it forwards A steps. Then move the letters B steps right to find a word on the word list.

Translate each button into a letter using the Decryption Table. In the Latin section of the table, reading in Chinese reading order (top to bottom, right to left), determine the first letter that's on a button. That's the button to press.

In the Word Table, locate the word vertically adjacent to the decrypted word on the display. If the bottom trumpet has a useless loop, Caesar shift it A steps forward, otherwise A steps backwards. Then move the letters B times left. The result text will share a letter with one of the buttons. That button's note value is how long to hold.

Hold the button when seconds digit is B.

Afterwards, if A is odd, tap all brass buttons, otherwise, tap all wooden buttons. If a button's trumpet has a useless loop, do the opposite for it (if you aren't supposed to tap it, tap it and vice versa.)

See the next page for information on reading LEDs' signals.

4 LEDs will indicate the accuracy of your answer after submitting:

  • Red = Wrong
  • Yellow = Half right
  • Green = Right

From left to right, each LED indicate the status of:

  • Held button
  • Time when button is held
  • Duration of holding
  • Buttons tapped afterwards

Module resets on a strike.

Decryption Table


Word Table

Clavichord Concertina Bass Guitar Didgeridoo Flugelhorn French Horn
Grand Piano Kettledrum Percussion Sousaphone Tambourine Vibraphone

Example of a useless loop: