On the Subject of Bandboozled Again

Doot doot.

This module has six wooden or brass buttons with bandzleglyphs on them, 4 LEDs between the buttons, and a display with more bandzleglyphs.

Buttons play notes when pressed. Each note is assigned to a numeric value. (1-lowest pitch to 6-highest pitch)

Every two bandzleglyphs are mapped to one alphanumeric character using the Bandzleglyphs Reference Table. Order does not matter.

Step 1: Encryption

The main display has a ten letter word in the Word Table. However, the word has been encrypted.

If the top half has a useless loop* the word has been Caesar† shifted A steps forwards, otherwise A steps backwards. A is a positive integer between 0–35 (inclusive). It has also been rotated B steps left [0,9] (inclusive) (0–9 are after Z).
To reverse the encryption, perform the opposite of the previous steps.

Step 2: Determining the correct button

You will always be holding the button whose letter is first in Chinese reading order in the Bandzleglyph table. Chinese reading order is read from top-to-bottom, right-to-left.

Step 3: Holding the correct button

To determine how long to hold a button for, use the Word Table. The word directly above or below the decrypted word, once encrypted (using the bottom text’s loop* status instead of the top’s), will share a letter with exactly one button. That button’s note value is how many seconds to hold for (on the bomb’s timer).

NOTE: You must only begin holding a button when the last seconds digit of the bomb’s timer is exactly B.

Once you have held a button, the previous rules no longer apply. If A is odd, you must tap all brass buttons. Otherwise, you must tap all wooden buttons. However, if a button’s bandzleglyphs have a useless loop*, you must do the exact opposite for that button.

Upon a submission, the four LEDs will indicate whether your answer was correct. If red, you got that part wrong. If green, you were correct. If yellow, you were partially correct. From left to right, the LEDs represent: which button was held, when you started holding it, how long you held it, and what buttons were pressed after the hold.

Upon a strike, the module will generate a new solution.

Bandzleglyphs Reference Table

a b c d e f
g A B C D E F
h G H I J K L
i M N O P Q R
j S T U V W X
k Y Z 1 2 3 4
l 5 6 7 8 9 0

Word Table

Clavichord Concertina Bass Guitar Didgeridoo Flugelhorn French Horn
Grand Piano Kettledrum Percussion Sousaphone Tambourine Vibraphone

†To Caesar shift text 1 forward, replace each letter with the letter 1 place after it in the alphabet. Note that this alphabet has numbers at the end as well. Also note that the numbers begin at 0, unlike in the Bandzleglyph Reference Table.

*A useless loop is a loop of pipe not connected to the mouthpiece or bell (at the ends). For example: