On the Subject of Basic Morse

Basically, you’re screwed.

  • A word that is four to nine letters long is encrypted into Morse Code which is then encrypted into ternary, which is then converted into another base.
  • The starting page will start in binary and proceed to go up a base per page. Pressing the up arrow will take you up a page, and the down button will take you down a page. For each page, take the sum of the numbers (keeping in mind the base they are in). This is your current number.
  • Submit the word by typing in the word and pressing the circular button to submit the word. Pressing either arrow will delete all inputs. Use the chart below to convert Morse Characters.
  • Morse is represented in ternary via the following
    • If the character is a dash, its corresponding ternary number is a one.
    • Otherwise, if the character is a dot at the beginning of the letter then it is a two.
    • Otherwise, it is a zero.
  • To convert a number from any base to base ten, and then to ternary do the following:
    • For each digit in your current number, list out that many powers of the current base starting from zero.
    • Align each digit from the current number under each power and multiply the columns. Add the product of the columns to get your base ten number. This is the new current number.
    • Take your current number and find the nearest power of three that is smaller than the current number and subtract it from the current number. Note how many times you subtracted that.
    • Go to the next smallest power of three and subtract as many times as possible without making the current number negative. Append how many times you subtracted to the end of the previous number you noted down even if it is zero. Repeat until the current number equals zero.