On the Subject of Beans

Me and the boys at 3 am looking for B E A N S

This module has 9 baked beans on it. Each bean is either not shaking or shaking. Additionally, each bean can be tinted slightly yellow, orange or green. To solve the module, you must consume three valid beans (but no more). Eating an incorrect bean will cause a strike. If no valid beans are present, the module will not strike you for eating a different one. Eating more than three beans will also cause a strike but the module will stay solved. Note that you cannot see a bean when it has been eaten.

Finding Valid Beans

To find out if a bean is valid or invalid, plug all of the bean's information into the table below. This will tell you whether or not the bean is valid. Consume the first valid bean in reading order. Eating a bean adjacent to a previously eaten bean is unhygienic, so don’t do that!

Wobbly beanNot wobbly bean
Even positionOdd positionEven positionOdd position
Orange bean ValidInvalidValidInvalid
Yellow bean InvalidValidValidInvalid
Green bean ValidInvalidInvalidValid