On the Subject of Bengo Talk

breh is the best bomb ever, on com!

In this module, 4 friends from the Bengo friend group are sitting in a voice channel in Discord and participating in a silly activity - pronouncing a phrase one letter at a time. You must figure out the order in which the friends will say the letters of the word they are currently on.

The nicknames and profile pictures of the Bengo people can be found below.

_Play_ GoodHood Sierra Kuro

The solving process of this module is split into 2 steps, both of which can found below.

Step 1: Finding the Target Word

The phrase on the left side of the module will be called the Generated Phrase.

The Generated Phrase can be found in the table on the second/third page. The phrase directly to the side of the Generated Phrase in the table will be called the Target Phrase. This is the phrase that the friends are currently trying to pronounce.

Take the sum of the alphabetic position of the first letter in the Generated Phrase (A1Z26), the amount of batteries and the amount of ports. Then add 1 to the sum. Call the result - the Target Position. Take the Target Position-th word in the Target Phrase (looping around to the start upon reaching the end of the phrase; words are seperated by spaces; ignore other punctuation marks). That word is the Target Word. This is the word that the friends are currently on.

Talba Table:

Excuse me, can I get a clock? Simon Sings (an E flat)
Oh hey, a vent! That’s not going to be problematic. Falling, Feeling, Swimming, Swinging, Singing, Sinking, Dying, Diving
the grade has changed Singing, Sinking, Dying, Diving, Loving, Leaving, Pulling, Pushing
Ohhhhh, it’s ten times Ohh, it’s a microphone
Oh hey, a vent! That’s not going to be a problematic Its actually very clampicated
Ohhhh, is you man like bare Tuesday? We should really tell Nick about that. Nah, it’s funny.
Do you remember when Starmap Reconstruction had SIX stars? hollup... Let him cook
It’s as shrimple as that Monsplode Trading Cards, trade Lanaluff.
Duke, do you want the ball? Oh the hamichok
meow meow meowmeow meow, meow meowmeow meowmeow, meow meow meowmeow, meow meow meowmeow both of you are stupid, okay, right jongo jongo* if you want to watch you can have that
Talba Classic, Talba LOD, Talba Classic, Talba LOD Look at the left arrow, and then look at FMN, then press up.
The Festive KTaNE festive the KTaNE jukebox festive festive jukebox KTaNE the jukebox festive playing the festive KTaNE jukebox music (I am the smallest definitely)

*On the module, both of the words "jongo" will be replaced by Juliett’s profile picture:

Table continued on the next page...

Play make the sound. Peanut or Done? Oh no, Done is the name of the dog. Oh no, I can actually name the dog!
The classic wood stick stone. They made this one impossible!
I foind fishe! I foind fishe! Ze blootooth dewice is cannected uhhh succssesfulleh
Do you remember when you wanted to scream and then you pressed the center button 3 times and then you still wanted to scream? can you find cat**
I'm back at Whack a Totem. Dancing, walking, rearranging furniture.
You HAVE to know this! Here's the moves it starts with. They don't know, they just see this. one upon a time

**On the module, the word "cat" will be replaced by a random image of a cat. The same image can be found and clicked somewhere on the module... :3

Step 2: Assigning Letters to the Buttons

Sierra is a system, consisting of 10 (as of this moment) people. Their nicknames and profile pictures can be found below.

Acer Blaise Camia Ciel Hazel
Kit Mar Monika Piccolo Sage

The person controlling the system’s body is called the “Fronter”. To figure out who is the Fronter of the Sierra system on the module, take the sum of the amount of indicators and the last digit of the serial number. Then add 1 to the sum. In the table, take the person at the position of the number you just got in reading order (looping around back to Acer upon going forward from Sage). That person is the Fronter of Sierra.

Assign the first letter of the Sierra Fronter’s name to the Sierra button on the right side of the module. Assign the rest of the letters from the alphabet going down from the Sierra button (with wraparound) and forward through the alphabet (Looping back to A upon going forward from Z).

Example: the order of people (top to bottom) is: GoodHood, Sierra, Kuro, _Play_. Sierra’s Fronter is Monika. First, the letter M is assigned to the Sierra button, then the letter N is assigned to the Kuro button, then O - to _Play_, P - to GoodHood, and so on until the final letter L is assigned to the Kuro button.

Finally, use the buttons’ assigned letters to submit the Target Word letter by letter by pressing the buttons that have been assigned each letter of the Target Word in order. If an incorrect button was pressed, the module will strike and will NOT reset. Once the Target Word is fully submitted, the module will solve.