On the Subject of Bicolored Squares

There is chaos in order. A color in the patterns. Find it, and all will become clear.

See Appendix of Colored Squares for identifying modules in Colored Squares family.

  • There are 5 possible colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Magenta. Initially, if the module doesn’t display four colors occurring exactly four times each with exactly 1 color missing, you are looking at a different module.
  • The grid displayed is known as the initial phase.
  • To start, press two squares of differing color. After this point, every square will display one of those two colors. The first color you pressed represents a dot, and likewise a dash for second color.
  • From now on, these colors invert every time a non-white button is pressed.
  • To solve the module, create valid sequences of dots and dashes by pressing sequences of colors. White squares cannot be used. Double-press the final square to finish your sequence.
  • Valid sequences of dots and dashes form characters in the serial number.
  • Continue forming valid sequences until all 16 squares are covered. If it is impossible to form any valid sequence, or an invalid sequence is received, the module will yield a strike and the module will reset.