On the Subject of The Big Circle

Who said that a circle was pointless?

The bomb presents a button in the shape of a big circle spinning around. Based on the tables below, determine which parts of the circle to press. If you press a wrong part of the circle or press the parts of a circle in the wrong order, a strike will be incurred.

  • Start with Table 1 below. Determine which rules apply to find the next number to be used. If your number is negative, multiply it by -1.
  • Count the position in the serial number as many times as your number. If you get to the end of the serial number, bounce back and continue to read the serial number backwards, and vice versa at the beginning. The first character of the serial number is considered to be position 0.
  • After you have determined the position in the serial number, look at Table 2 below to determine the sequence of button presses based on the chosen character in the serial number and press it.
  • Once the first correct color has been pressed, The solution will not change unless you incur a strike on this module.
  • BUT, if there are five batteries in three holders and at least one BOB indicator, ignore all rules. Bob came back to help you again. Simply click one of the buttons matching BOB's Indicator color. Thanks Bob. Failure to press one of his colors will incur a strike. (If the BOB indicator is gray, he will let you press any color. If the BOB indicator color is purple, press magenta)

Table 1

For each BOB, CAR, or CLR
+1 if lit, -1 if unlit.
For each FRK, FRQ, MSA, or NSA
+2 if lit, -2 if unlit.
For SIG, SND, or TRN indicator:+3 if lit, -3 if unlit.
For each solved module:+3 each.
For the number of batteries:+4 for odd, -4 for even.
There are port plates with
parallel ports:
+5 each, -4 if paired
with serial port.
There are port plates with
DVI-D ports:
-5 each, +4 if paired
with Stereo-RCA.
For each special* indicator:+6 each.
For each special* port:-6 each.
For each Two Factor code:Add the least
significant digit.

*Special ports or indicators are custom made, such as NLL or the USB port.

Table 2*

0, 1, 2Red, Yellow, Blue
3, 4, 5Orange, Green, Magenta
6, 7, 8Blue, Black, Red
9, A, BMagenta, White, Orange
C, D, EOrange, Blue, Black
F, G, HGreen, Red, White
I, J, KMagenta, Yellow, Black
L, M, NRed, Orange, Yellow
O, P, QYellow, Green, Blue
R, S, TBlue, Magenta, Red
U, V, WBlack, White, Green
X, Y, ZWhite, Yellow, Blue

*If circle is spinning counter-clockwise, reverse order of button presses.