On the Subject of Binary Buttons

It’s as easy as 01, 10, 11.

On this module, you will see 5 digits of a binary number. Pressing each digit will toggle between a one and a zero. Use edgework around the bomb to determine which rule to use. Once you have found the correct rule, make that binary number with the digits on the module, then press submit. Submitting the wrong binary number will incur a strike.

  • If there is a lit indicator with the label BOB and more than 2 batteries are present and a parallel port then the correct answer to submit is 00000.

  • Otherwise, if there are no batteries present and there are more than 3 ports present then submit 13 in binary form.

  • Otherwise, if there is a lit indicator present and there is a PS2 port present then convert 26 into binary and then reverse the binary.

  • Otherwise, if at least 2 batteries are present then convert 7 into binary and then reverse all digits and then swap the 1st and 4th digit.

  • Otherwise, convert 11 into binary and then swap the 3rd and 4th digit around and then reverse all digits.

NOTE: Whenever you are asked to convert a number to binary you must prepend zeros to make it 5 digits before doing any transformations.