On the Subject of Binary Puzzles

There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who can solve this puzzle, and those who have no idea what I’m talking about.

  1. Clicking on a square in the 6×6 grid will toggle it between 0, 1, and unfilled.
  1. Press “Reset” to revert the module to its initial state.
  1. Fill all the squares with 0s and 1s in such a way that:
    1. no more than two equal numbers are next to or below each other;
    1. each row and each column contains an equal number of zeros and ones;
    1. each row is unique and each column is unique.

Interactive Controls

Use the below interactive graphic to input the read and try out different solutions.

In Read mode, you can press [0], [1], or Space/Enter on your keyboard or click individual squares to input the puzzle grid.
The sound effects can be muted.
Press the Manual/Generated button to switch into Generated mode where you can have fun solving generated puzzles just like the module.
Use the - and + buttons or press [-] and [+] to increment the size of the generated puzzle.
The solution you came up with in Solve mode as well as the solution to generaed puzzles can be shown or hidden.
Using the other buttons, you can save the current state of the grid, delete the saves, or reset everything.