On the Subject of Binary Shift

This module seems daunting. The key word is “seems”.

The module consists of 11 displays: stage-display, target-display and 9 number-displays.

Each number-display can be in two states: active or inactive. The active display has white numbers, the inactive display has gray numbers. To change the state of the number-display, press it.

The stage-display shows the current stage number and the maximum possible number of stages. When this display is pressed on zero stage, all numbers on the active number-displays will be increased by 1. At each next stage, the addition will be multiplied by two. After every press on stage-display, all number-displays will change to inactive, and the stage-number will increase by one.

Take the number shown on the target-display and subtract the current number of minutes remaining from it. Calculated number is “target” number. The module will be solved if, when the stage number reaches the maximum value, the numbers on all number-displays are equal to the “target” number. If the stage number is equal to the maximum, but at least one of the numbers on the number-displays is not equal to the “target” number, then you will get a strike. In this case, you must press the stage-display again to restart the module.